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Best way to protect car paint from sun?

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When we look at a car the first thought which struck our mind is its color, isn’t it? Light comes in a spectrum of wavelengths, and how a material absorbs and reflects these wavelengths determines what color we perceive. We assume the car’s aliveness by its looks. We’ve all seen a car lose its once-vibrant color after years exposed to the sun, but why does this happen?

The answer is the UV rays. Ultraviolet rays not only affect living beings but also had a great impact on the environment. Well, nowadays with the increase in pollution caused by human beings the ozone layer is becoming thinner and due to this these powerful rays from the sun oxidize your car paint give it an old look and damage your luxurious car from inside and outside.

In this article, we will discuss the best way to protect car paint from the sun. But before this, some questions come in  our mind that:

What happens if we are leaving the car out in the sun?

Have you ever thought about why it is uncomfortable to sit in a car that is exposed to the sun all day? The level of sun exposure is not just making us uncomfortable but also had a great impact on damaging your car. Most drivers know to avoid the sun but not everyone knows why. The sun can cause extensive damage to car paint and make it look old and worn. Sun can cause damage to car paint and fade it. Your car soaks up the sun every time you go out for a ride. As a responsible car holder, you must find out the ways through which you can protect your car paint from sun harmful rays.

How to protect car paint from sun damage?

Summers are hot and hard on your car’s external surface causing the paint to fade away. So what can you do about it? following are the some proactive mentioned tips to keep your car paint save from the sun harmful UV rays following are some maintenance tips :

  • Car sunshade.

  • Wash often.

  • Hand Dry The Exterior.

  • Use a protective wax.


  • Car sunshade

Build a carport otherwise, sun and weather damage is inevitable no matter what you wash the car with. Some car covers scratch the paint as dust gets between the cover and paint, the wind blowing against it will be like sandpaper rubbing on the paint. A quality car cover with the plush inner lining (a fabric with a cut pile that is longer and softer than velvet) shouldn’t scratch your car so it’s better to buy that one for your car.

FACT: Remember you should never cover the car when it is wet, as it can lead up to the buildup of mold and other types of fungus and bacteria.

  • Wash often.

Washing your car is one of the best ways to protect your car paint from the sun. High temperatures can merge all of the dust onto the surface of the vehicle. Sun and heat can fade and crack the paint. Frequent washing help remove dirt and dust particles that can cause micro scratches and dull your car’s finish. When you wash your car, it reduces the oxidization and heat of the sun rays.

Things to keep in mind when you are going to wash your car :

  • you need to park the car in a shady area before the wash.
  • Make sure not to let direct sunlight interact with the car paint, especially during the wash.
  • Cleaning the car weekly reduces the impact of UV rays.
  • Hand Dry The Exterior.

If you want to keep your exterior look good drying is also a very important factor. You can hand dry the exterior after the wash using a cotton rag to wipe the wet areas.it will ensure any chemical present in the water does not combine with the UV rays to damage the paint. For example, if you just left the car for air-dry the paint is left unprotected to spot damage caused by the naturally occurring minerals in the water you used for washing.

Sometimes, there is a possibility of oversight some parts of your car could be missed we all are humans errors can occur. when you dry your car, you remove those as well by giving your car a clean and neat finish.

  • Car drying process:

To dry your car follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Spray water with a hose at a medium pressure allow water to flow freely over the car surface so that the remaining dirt is removed.
  • Step 2: leave your car for a few minutes to dry.
  • Step 3: Remove the remaining water with the help of squeegee.use the cotton rag or a piece of cloth to wipe down the windows.
  • Step 4: Start from the top and move down and wipe the rest of your car.


  • Use a protective wax or sealants:

protective wax

If you really want your car paint shine, then a layer of wax is the best idea to protect UV rays. Make sure to apply wax after washing and drying your vehicle thoroughly, reapplying it from time to time to maintain the layer of protection that it offers against the damage caused by sun rays. it’s important to point out some of its shortcomings.

Pros & Cons

  • Car wax traps dirt and dust particles to settle.
  • They act as a hard shell of protection.
  • Not very good with chemicals cleaners like degreasers, bug and tar remover
  • other car cleaning products can be harmful to car wax.



beauty is in the eye of beholder.car wax is not going to highlight paint damage as much as paint sealants, so it might look your older car look better. Sealants are a better option if you want protection and durability.

  • It provides a deeper depth of paint.
  • It protects paint longer than wax.
  • It provides stronger protection.
  • Increases the vehicle’s resale value.
  • It makes it easier to wash and dry a vehicle.
  • Highlights imperfections.
  • Need more prep work than car wax and polish alone.
  • Hard to remove.


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