Best Cleaner for Car Interior Plastic

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Your car’s condition depends exclusively on how well you handle it. You will keep the glossy look of your new car for as long as you want if you take care of your car well and keep it tidy.

So, ask yourself, how badly do you want to keep your new car looking fresh? We will cover some of the best cleaners for car interior plastic in this article and some homemade tips for cleaning car interior plastic. Well, to do that, to clean thoroughly and defend strongly, you have to get the best cleaner for car interior plastic

CarGuys Super Cleaner

Due to its safety, ease of use and rapid working capability, CarGuys’ all-purpose cleaner is our best option for this purchasing guide and one of the best cleaners for car interior plastic. This cleaner will strip every sort of dust from the plastic of your car interior, leaving a new-like finish.

With this all-purpose cleaning tool, you can clean everything that is made of plastic, rubber or vinyl. Without using any toxic additives, it is made using advanced Nano-technology. So, your house, vehicle and all other places you choose are safe to use.

You should use this substance to replace virtually all harsh chemical cleaners that you own because of its effectiveness in cleaning various materials. Its ease of use is a wonderful feature of this cleaner. After use, you do not need water to rinse off the cleaner.

Put the cleaner on, allow it to sit for a few minutes and scrub with a soft cloth! It features an adjustable nozzle of high quality that can be locked in a spot for leak prevention. So on a holiday tour, you can conveniently take this with you without thinking about leaks.

No dust on the interior is left by this top-rated interior cleaner, and it will not be shiny either. And there are no harsh chemicals in it that may damage you or your car. The fragrance is mild but also very enticing, and after washing, it will keep your car smelling good for several hours.

To get it fit for immediate use, it will also come in a ready-to-use container along with a complimentary cleaning towel.

This dashboard cleaner may not be the most effective when working with rough stains, but with a little practice and a little more determination, you can steal almost every stain from it.

It is the best bang for the buck, which can be used without losing its efficiency on several forms of vehicle surfaces.

Important Features

• Multipurpose Use
• Risk-Free Guarantee
• Nano-technology
• Protection and Safety

  • Multi-surface efficient cleaning
  • Ideal for cleaning the interior and exterior
  • Does not leave a film greasy or cloudy
  • Appealing fragrance
  • Free towel for cleaning
  • Not so effective on rough stains

Meguiar’s G13616

Meguiar’s is one of the most trusted sources of car cleaners and other products, and it has been so for many decades now. In order to efficiently disinfect all interior surfaces, their G13616 has been developed and includes light blocking agents to effectively shield the surface from fading and scratching.

A number of interior surfaces such as vinyl, leather, plastics and rubber will work on the enhanced deeper cleaning formula. And you can also disinfect your LCD and navigation screens with it. For quick touch-ups, this interior cleaner is perfect and uses a simple trigger engineered to not leave a greasy appearance on your dashboard.

With this clean and friendly smell, this dashboard cleaner is also nice to deal with and will also leave a rich dark finish that will make your dashboard look brand new. If you want the best cleaner for car interior plastic that offers a super shiny finish, this may not be it, but it is ideal for routine cleaning jobs and securing your dashboard.

Important Features

• Improved cleaning formula
• Protects surfaces from cracking and fading
• Cleaning is safe
• Effective for car interiors and other plastic materials

  • Pleasant odor
  • Effective and reliable
  • Includes various sun blocking agents
  • Safe and quick cleaning
  • No greasy residue
  • Not much glossy and shiny

TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer

For fast and successful results, nothing can beat the TriNova Plastic & Trim Restorer. This famous brand guarantees deep cleaning while retaining the quality of gloss without cracking or fading the paint. The cleaner will take off any rust, grease, residue, drops, and other undesired grime easily but effectively to maintain the interior immaculate. In the U.V. The security that this special cleaner provides is amazing.

The scratched or fading surface will quickly be replaced to extend the life of your vehicle. This car interior plastic restorer can be used safely on various fabrics, including vinyl, rubber, leather finish, and much more. But since it has striations, you cannot use it on a glass wall.

A protective coating that repels rain, salt, and dust is provided by the automobile interior plastic polish. Moreover, it correctly preserves the shine as well. With this best cleaner for car interior plastic, you wouldn’t have to waste any time washing your car interior plastic, since it is easy to apply.

An applicator pad is also given to meaningfully clean the paper.

Important Features

• Rapid cleaning
• Easy application
• Protective against dust and rain
• Surface safe

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Streak-free formula
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Gives a natural shiny look
  • Often leaves a diluted smell after applying

Chemical Guys TVD 107 16 V.R.P. Vinyl

The high-quality premium version cleaner can smoothly and effectively clean any internal or external surface. Through swift and clear use, it cleans up plastic and other materials. The cleaner offers elevated U.V. defense. Ah, rays.

Like the latest deep-black shine, it will preserve the original color and protects the delicate car parts from cracking or fading. A robust, in-depth wet look will be given by the non-greasy water-based solution. In addition, without any sling or mess, it is easy to apply.

The cleaner comes with V.R.P. super shine dressing, which will restore the dark black look of plastic, having intense security and shiny shine on every textured plastic surface. Using this cleaner, you don’t have to face a lot of hassle since it’s super easy to use, and you can spray and scrub it off easily.

Important Features

• Easy to use
• Non-Greasy Formula
• High protection
• VRP Protectant

  • Easy application
  • Provides an amazing shine
  • No strong smell
  • Not ideal for exterior trim

303 (30313CSR) Products Aerospace Protectant

To cover every plastic surface sufficiently, this excellent cleaner comes with a thin film. The substance can clean the inner or outer plastic surface area easily and keep it clean for a long time. It prevents the skin from the fading or cracking of U.V. Rays and other materials that are toxic.

As the cleaner produces a thin layer of wax coating area to ensure protection, the outer layers are shielded from being harmed. In addition, it repels dust and stains and offers outstanding back-up without harming the paint.

This cleaning agent’s rinse-free recipe assures protection and thoroughly cleans the inner surface while leaving a good odor. In addition, it makes washing easier and smooth. A dry looking finish that lasts a long time is often left by the cleaner.

Important Features

• Repeller and Cleaner
• Impressive Finish
• UV Protectant
• Rinse-Free Formula

  • Beneficial to clean
  • Provides protection against UV rays
  • Ideal for many types of surfaces
  • Prevents oxidization
  • Often leaves smudges when it dries

Nextzett 92470515

If you have many interior surfaces with a covered leather finish like many modern cars, the Nextzett 92470515 is the right product for you as it has been formulated for this material to be highly successful and is considered one of the best cleaners for car interior plastic.

It would also leave a shine-free and anti-static finish that lasts a long time. This substance also has unique sub-blocking agents for protection from the sun that offer long-term protection. It is also a healthy substance that can be used on the car since no silicone is used in the formulation.

It even leaves the car with a good lemon smell to top it all off. It would always be productive if you plan to use this dashboard cleaner on your radio panel, although it seems to leave a little haze. A microfiber fabric, however, should be able to quickly buff it out.

Important Features

• High quality product
• Safe to apply
• Sub-blocking agents for protection from sun
• Pleasant scent

  • No silicone added
  • Long-term protection from UV rays
  • Ideal for finished leather
  • Shine free
  • Nice odor
  • A bit of haze is left on the plastic often

KevianClean KC-24-ID

When picking the best cleaner for car interior plastic, quantity is one of the main considerations to remember. The fact that this one comes in a 24-ounce bottle means that with many purposes, you can have plenty of product.

The formula also does not contain any harsh additives, and keeping it safe for both the car and the hands is non-toxic. The full UV protection it can offer also makes it one of the better protectants out there for the dashboard cleaner. It ensures that for a long time, the cleaner can avoid fading and cracking.

It is also designed for use on different surfaces, much like most other dashboard cleaners on our list. This would be a great option if you choose to clean vinyl upholstery, plastic or leather. You will get a pure and low gloss finish when you use this cleaner on your car, and when purchasing it, you have nothing to lose as it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The fragrance that this dashboard cleaner leaves is not the friendliest, but as it always does a decent job when it comes to washing, this should not be a major concern.

Important Features

• Non-toxic product
• Safe to use
• Easy to apply
• Long term protection from cracking and fading
• Ideal for plastic, leather, and vinyl upholstery

  • Multi purpose cleaner
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Natural looking low gloss finish
  • Not an appealing scent

TriNova 33534

What gives the Interior Quick Detailer an advantage on many others is the quick cleaning operation that is successful on a wide range of surfaces. You will use it to clean a variety of surfaces, such as vinyl, plastic, leather, and rubber, which ensures that virtually any car can be useful.

Cleaning is all about cleaning and then brushing to get rid of the debris with this dashboard cleaner. It is also designed to provide protection from UV rays that can cause scratching and fading, and so you can greatly prolong the life of the dashboard by using this dashboard cleaner.

Because this cleaner also uses anti-static features, it can also repel the deposition of dust and grease to ensure that the dashboard stays clean for longer. It is excellent, but the fragrance does not last long enough and it will think you feel appropriate to use the dashboard cleaner.

Important Features

• Long lasting and durable
• Protection from UV rays
• Easy and quick to apply
• Multi -purpose cleaner

  • Repels dirt and dust buildup
  • Wipe cleaning and simple spray
  • UV protection
  • No streaks left after applying
  • Ideal for various surfaces
  • The scent seems to be dissipating a bit too fast

303 UV Protectant spray for car interior plastic

The 303 Automotive Interior Dashboard Cleaner can effectively disinfect the car and keep it clean for a long time with a thin film to shield the surfaces from UV radiation. The cleaning agent is derived from a polymer with UV protection.

In addition to washing the surfaces, the cleaner often leaves a safety covering that protects the surfaces free from UV radiation and debris. The cleaner leaves a thin film of wax covering that removes the damage caused by UV rays from the outer layers.

Moreover, more than just that the coating works. It functions as a repel of dust and stains. To cover the color of metal and rubber, the protection coating gives excellent protection. In order to function properly, the vacuum doesn’t require any rinsing.

The solvent is adequate to clean the interior of your vehicle. It sits on the surface as soon as the solvent is sprayed and makes washing a simpler job. It has a smooth finish and leaves a good fragrance.

Important Features

• Long- lasting effects
• High quality product
• Rinse free cleaning
• UV protection

  • Provides UV-ray defense
  • Fit for cleaning both the inside and outside of car plastic
  • Keeping the surfaces from collecting dirt and stains
  • Might leave dry look on the car’s interior plastic
  • A bit costly

Griot’s Garage Car Interior Plastic Cleaner

The Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner has innovative features for the millions of people, holding the classic principles intact. This is one of the finest car dash cleaners that can clean any surface form. For a long period of time, it can even keep it safe.

You’re not going to have a glossy look, but you’re going to get rid of the greasy finish that other cleaners left behind. Many of the cleaners on the market control the interior color of the vehicle and change the way they are intended to look. But the hue can be made more vivid and exotic by this special cleaner.

The color remains the way it was finished with no additional changes and the wax coating gives it a fresh new perspective. Don’t worry, they’re not going to be greasy. Touch help for the wax coating. It’s going to deliver as it promised. The cleaner has the potential for deep cleaning.

The cleaner will remove up to 98 percent dust from even the most unreachable components of your car interior with the Ultraclean technology. Dust particles are stuck to the cleanser itself. They place a layer across the surface after that which makes it difficult to attract or accumulate dust.

This cleaner has won a top spot for its innovative qualities by holding the colors intact and placing a good covering against debris around it. Try it for yourself!

Important Features

• Deep dust cleaner
• Keeps colors alive
• Works on various surfaces
• Durable and long lasting

  • Smooth finish
  • Doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue
  • Deep cleaning formula
  • Keep colors alive
  • Often leaves a dark silky look
  • The bottle may leak sometimes
  • Not good for vinyl surfaces

Chemical Guys SPI-663-16

Chemical Guys ‘InnerClean on our car interior cleaner reviews is the cheapest 16-ounce cleaner, and so you not only get a high-quality product, but also save some cash. This best cleaner for car interior plastic is simple and convenient to apply, works on all surfaces and is a rapid spray of detail that not only cleans and also conditions and protects the interior.

On your LCD and navigation screens and even on other items like the seats and steering wheel, you can also use this cleaner. The sophisticated UV protection it will have will help avoid cracking and fading.

The formulation also tends to preserve the original factory look and helps to repel dust and debris and keep the interior clean for longer with sophisticated anti-static technologies.

While the smell is very sweet, it might be a little too intense for certain consumers, but the good news is that it should disappear over a relatively short amount of time. And while certain lightly colored surfaces may stain it, it is also simple to clean.

Important Features

• Protection from UV rays
• Pleasant scent
• Easy application
• Repels dust quickly
• Attractive price

  • All surface cleaner
  • Affordable price
  • Offers UV protection
  • Easy and quick application
  • Dust repelling technology
  • The scent is a bit strong
  • Light colored surfaces get stained easily

Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner

The Meguiar’s Interior car dash cleaner provides the most reliable cleaning efficiency for all forms of surface help in your budget. All types of interiors can be washed by this solvent, including latex, vinyl, fabric, metal, glass and many more. The cleaning agent works efficiently and cleans well.

It stretches uniformly over the surface and offers a flawless finish. To have additional protection, the cleaning agent is formulated from protective material. Protecting the automotive interior from cracking, corrosion and drying can only be an easy application.

It may even function as a repel. On the interior, it can repel soil and strains from accumulating. The smooth surface finish provides complete protection to the interior of your car when it comes to emissions. This cleaner’s most interesting aspect is the intense cleaning recipe.

No additional material is required to super clean the interior of your car. It will make enough difference to apply only this cleaner. The cleaner leaves a polished wax and a caring fragrance.

Important Features

• Deep cleansing
• Protecting guard
• Formula is gentle and high-quality
• Sun blocking agents included

  • Efficient and quick cleaning
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Car interior plastic is protected from additional grimes
  • Ideal for all car surfaces
  • No additional shine is added to the interior
  • Spraying is needed in a large quantity

Things to keep in mind while buying the cleaner for car interior plastic

If you know all the specifics of your vehicle, look for the right plastic interior cleaner for your car to select the correct one for you.

Secure substances & ecofriendly chemicals

The interior pieces of your car are made from various materials. Some are made out of fabric, some out of plastic, others out of glass. You require a cleaner that operates best on all surfaces and does not affect any. Chemical ingredients should be harmless to guard against chemical exposure to surfaces.

Outstanding standard of cleaning

When it comes to the vehicle interior, standard comes first. Some cleaners provide a rough amount of results for washing, while others have decent efficiency for a short period of time. If the consistency is determined, check for the cleaner’s coating form.

Much of the market’s automotive interior plastic cleaner leave a greasy layer as a coating behind, while some have clear wax coating. Choose the one that offers great performance with a translucent coating.

Multipurpose Relentless Use

The one which can be used with various surfaces is a multipurpose cleaner. On all the interior surfaces, it can function magically. You can clean any form of surface easily and without any worries, from leather to glass. The safety aspect helps you to relentlessly add the mixture.

Abomination of Dust

The first task of an interior cleaner is to get rid of dust and debris. This job must be made simple by the perfect cleaner. There are several cleaners that provide dust cleaning that is quick and efficient. Pick this sort of cleaner as it is the best choice for dust forming.


Car interior plastic can be affected quickly by UV rays. The color appears to go away pretty easily, and there is only one thing you can do about it. With UV ray security, you can find a suitable interior cleaner. Many cleaners have a clear coating that will save your car from UV rays and keep it fresh.

How to clean car interior plastic?

If you think you’ve got the best plastic car interior cleaner and your job is done, maybe you’ve got it all wrong. You need to take some crucial measures to clean the interior plastic of your car in the most effective way:

Deep cleaning of the interior

It is time for a deep cleaning after you get rid of the dirt and dust. Take a new towel or refresh the towel you have already used. Hit those places that are less attended to and use the towel to disinfect them. You may use a wet towel instead, but with all sorts of fabrics, water isn’t healthy. Get rid of soil and pollen of all sorts.

Sterilizing Primary Mud & Grimes

Get rid of the dust and grime that has accumulated inside your vehicle first. To continue with the cleaning process, you can vacuum the benches. Take a fresh towel after vacuuming the chairs, then take off the loose dirt from the seats and leg stands. This would make the cleaner’s work easier to do.

Shield against more potential harm

Cleaning is just a start. You need to keep it clean for a long time to make your vehicle stay fresh. To shield it from UV rays, grit, debris, and scratching, the best cleaner can place a covering around the interior surfaces. But you’ve got some things to bear in mind. Park the vehicle under a canopy and for longer stretches, keep it out of the sunshine. Hold it under a solid shadow at night.

Using the right plastic cleaner for the vehicle interior

After the deep cleaning is complete, here comes the easiest part. Take the right plastic cleaner for car interiors and start spraying it. Try spreading the liquid across the surfaces. Don’t dwell on a particular issue. Instead, hold a towel on the other side and spray it over the whole floor. Any cleaners are available that don’t need rinsing. Choose one like them if it tires you.


Many people who drive a car want to have a bright journey. Fewer drivers, though, make an effort when it comes to the inside of their car. You can only shine a turd so much as the saying goes, that it’s always a turd. It’s important to note that not only are you making it look beautiful by constantly cleaning the interior of your vehicle, but you are still protecting it from degradation and maintaining resale value. All of these items have a clear purpose and can help disinfect the interior as a whole. Keep away from universal cleaners that deliver a semi-decent job only.