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Best antifreeze for Diesel engines

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The liquid substance that saves your engine from getting too hot at high and low temperatures is antifreeze. Usually, antifreeze liquid comes as a mixture of chemicals from water and glycol that act as solvents and anti-corrosion agents to maintain the radiator in excellent condition.

When obtaining antifreeze or coolant goods, vehicle owners must be exceptionally vigilant. This is the liquid, after all, that saves the engine of the car from touching the boiling point. You might buy coolant goods on the market, but only one or two will really suit the kind of car you own.

Top Best Antifreeze for Diesel Engine

Read ahead to learn about the top best antifreeze for diesel engines and choose what suits you!

EVANS Coolant EC53001 High-Performance Waterless Coolant

This is the best antifreeze intended for a number of diesel engines, from antique V8s to modern-day four-cylinder engines to heavy-duty diesels and much more. It would also have to be altered even less often than a normal coolant, saving you cash in the long run.

A water-free refrigerant that prolongs the life of the engine and decreases corrosion. It is a chemical-stable formula which, by removing coolant loss, reduces the strain on the cooling system of the vehicle. Characterized by its high performance as a water free coolant, Evans High-Performance Coolant tops our list as the best antifreeze coolant.

To give the engine a longer life, removing water from its composition allows the coolant more resistant to corrosion. This antifreeze is a formula based on propylene glycol that is non-reactive and hence does not create problems with electrolysis or cavitation erosion.

For cars with overheating issues, it is the perfect antifreeze since it does not cause hot spots or motor knocks. This engine coolant has a high boiling point of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that at that temperature it will not vaporize or create boiling issues.

The antifreeze EVANS EC53001 is a chemically stable formula suitable for car owners with trouble with overheating. It needs absolutely zero water, so there would be no corrosion problems. It can cost about fifty bucks per gallon, but the price is well worth the long-term benefits.

  • Prevents problems with corrosion
  • No problems with vaporization
  • Relatively expensive

Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant, Concentrated (ZXG051)

This Zerex Valvoline coolant is meant for use in passenger cars, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles alike. For both gasoline and diesel engines, the formula works. It takes about twenty bucks for a single gallon. This is an amazing, cost-effective option that costs hundreds of dollars to purchase gallons of OEM coolant.

To remove corrosion and rust from the vital components of your engine, it has a high ethylene glycol content for antifreeze and coolant safety and a low silicate content. The formula comes pre-mixed with demineralized water that stops debris from building up inside the cooling systems of the car.

At temperatures as low as -34 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit, the coolant preserves engine power. It is green in color and is also consistent with engines that use yellow or green conventional coolants. For older engines with metal parts, it also fits best.

Overall, the safest green antifreeze that can be used for decades with regular modifications is Zerex Green. The key downside of the Zerex Initial is that the decomposition of its chemical formula is caused by repeated use. The brief life of the coolant also raises the risk of corrosion, especially when the two years are over, of vital engine components.

For this price point, we can confidently guarantee you wouldn’t find a better solution. Not only does this coolant provide the vehicle with simple heating/freezing protection, but it also safeguards against corrosion and deposits. For newer model cars, the high-end composition fits well. The main downside is that, in the event of an unintentional leak, it doesn’t have a bittering agent to cover pets.

  • Low pH levels
  • Affordable price
  • Reduced silicate counts
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Phosphate free
  • Protection against deposits and corrosion
  • No harm against plastics
  • Non-bittering agent
  • Contains ethylene that is harmful to the environment

Engine Ice TYDS008-03 High Performance Coolant

For those seeking a solution for driving in very hot or cold conditions, this high-performance coolant could be a game-changer. It’s free of phosphate and is labeled as non-toxic. To the possibility of corrosion, the solution comes well before-mixed with water that has been de-ionized.

At home, there is no need to add water, with this formula, the chance of mineral, size, and other deposit buildups in the coolant scheme is arguably less.

It offers freeze safety down to -26 ° F (-32 ° C) and to temperatures as high as 256 ° F (124 ° C) for boil-over protection. It is arguably not as big as the EVANS EC53001, but this is also remarkable since this formula also operates on motorcycles. This antifreeze solution is ideal for race bikes, ATVs, snow machines, and automobiles traveling in desert conditions due to the elevated boil-over point.

The mark on this commodity notes that it decreases the engine’s running temperature. It doesn’t, although, on the hottest day of summer, it will keep an engine going. In fact, this coolant has CCS and ASRA authorization to be used on racing tracks. It holds engine output at optimum levels effortlessly. The solution is blue, though, so it shouldn’t be used right away. Before using this formula, the engine would need thorough flushing.

The cost per gallon is on the costlier side, however. It’s lower than the EVANS EC53001 boil-over point, but it costs a couple of dollars more. Engine Ice TYDS008-03 is biodegradable for children and pets and is less harmful. It needs no water and can be used out of the can readily. The high boil-over point is what really makes the formula worthwhile. It is absolutely ideal for cars in hot climates that need to be driven quickly.

  • Phosphate free
  • Available as pre-diluted in non-ionized water
  • Less risk of corrosion
  • Boil-over point is higher
  • Biodegradable
  • Needs a complete engine flush prior to using
  • Costly

Star Brite Star-Cool Premium Synthetic Engine Coolant

Star Brite is a standard licensed by OEM- and ASTM- and comes as a ready-to-use coolant. It does not have, in its composition, any nitrate, borate, silicate, phosphate, or amine. It decreases engine running temperatures faster than most coolants. To control the engine temperature and plug pinhole leaks, the manufacturer uses a PSV additive in its mixture.

Star Brite is a synthetic coolant tailored over time to prevent part breakdown. It is an environmentally friendly item that is safe for metal engines such as iron, titanium, and copper as well. Moreover, the fact that it is devoid of the harsh compounds mentioned above makes it secure for components such as seals, welds, and brake pads.

Its sealing properties also make this antifreeze a perfect alternative for device malfunction prevention. This product’s drawback is that it is costlier than non-synthetic antifreeze. In addition, like most BMW car models, its output is limited. BMW engines tend to overheat more rapidly than other vehicle models and require a higher boiling point BMW coolant than the antifreeze Star Brite.

Since it can be quickly polluted, you cannot combine Star Brite with other antifreeze coolants.

  • It keeps the vehicle smoothly lubricated and running
  • Eco-friendly layout
  • It follows the standards of OEM and ASTM
  • An expensive commodity
  • Not suitable for engines built by BMW

Mopar 10 Year/150,000 Mile Coolant

Using Organic Acid Technology (OAT), the Mopar solution is built from mono-ethylene glycol. This coolant is, however, free from phosphates and silicates. The newest method of antifreeze recommended for the current car models is the OAT formula coolant. The recipe contains different corrosion inhibitors, extending the shelf life of this coolant well above the norm.

It’s highly economical and ideal for the vehicles suggested. At -34 ° F (-37 ° C) and 265 ° F (129 ° C) degrees, the coolant provides anti-boil and cold safety. This refrigerant is premixed at a 50/50 ratio. Water does not need to be included. For any vehicle using the OAT MS12106 antifreeze, this is the ideal coolant.

It is easily pre-diluted, so there is no reason to think about bringing hard water or iron deposits into the cooling system of your car. Drivers should take careful care not to mix this coolant with HOAT or some other kind, although it’s simple to manage. That could contribute to gelling and the need for the whole engine to be washed out. This best antifreeze is long-lasting, unexpectedly.

However, after 150,00 miles, or every 5 years, the vendor states that the coolant should be flushed out. Although the solution utilizes anti-corrosion additives, with repeated usage, the metal parts may undergo wear. Therefore, as recommended, it is completely important to flush out the engine.

The points of freezing and boiling are very decent. Nothing unique, but under ordinary driving conditions, it should get the job done. It is not recommended to use it in older cars unless as stated in the owner’s manual. Overall, it is a solid offering that delivers outstanding cash value. If you’re searching for an OEM coolant, then for you, this is certainly the piece.

  • Much affordable
  • Contains anti-corrosion additives
  • Durable and long lasting
  • OEM antifreeze
  • Appropriate for latest engines
  • Would Not suitable for older vehicles
  • Needs flushing before use

Audi Coolant Antifreeze Antigel Refrigerant (Part No. G013A8J1G)

One of the best-quality OEM formulations available on the market is the Audi coolant. The coolant is pink or lilac in color. This can be the best antifreeze for diesel engines as it is based on ethylene glycol. It is consistent with aluminum and does not harm alloy-inside cooling systems.

The formula is planned to be used for the entire year. It will defend the engine reliably from frost and overheating. It’s best to blend the coolant with water since it’s a classic recipe. This coolant will fit wonderfully in oil, diesel, and propane engines as long as you stop using hard water with high-risk deposit content.

There is decent freezing and boil-over protection in the coolant. It’s nothing special, but in the Audi and Volkswagen vehicle styles, this is the correct coolant to use. For recommended cars, this Audi OEM antifreeze is the most economical choice as other brands seem to be very pricey. The price is well worth it, considering the simplicity of the formula.

  • Economical
  • OEM formula
  • Protects against calcium deposits
  • Mixing needs to be done manually by oneself

Recochem OEM Pink Premium Antifreeze Concentrate

The OEM pink antifreeze from Recochem was intended for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion models, but depending on the cooling specifications of the car, it can also work for non-Toyota vehicles. For 5 years, or 150,000 miles, this organic OAT-certified coolant will last.

It is sold in the concentrate size of 1 gallon, so you get 2 gallons of coolant out of it. This is an economical aftermarket coolant, while not as inexpensive as some other coolants, that you know would fit well with any Toyota, Lexus, or Scion.

  • OAT-certified organic coolant
  • Works on a limited number of models

Maxima 82964 Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant

At a 50/50 ratio, this antifreeze comes premixed with deionized water. The solution contains very low silicate amounts, so it is very safe to use for radiators made of aluminum. The mix has additives for corrosion protection. So it can be used for alloy and magnesium parts inside motorcycles and other cars.

Anti-foam agents are also used in this unique antifreeze. These additives minimize water pump cavitation, which, according to the bottle, results in improved cooling power. The real points of defense are -34 ° F (-37 ° C) and 265 ° F (129 ° C). So it is nice to have it all year long. Plus, it contains an agent of bitterness.

The agent can discourage children and pets from developing a taste for the otherwise sweet coolant. The small-sized containers are one downside to this coolant. You would have to buy them in bulk whether you have a commuting motorcycle or a car, which can cost up to a hundred bucks.

  • Contains bittering agent
  • Pre-diluted
  • Not fully silicate free
  • Comes in small cans

Genuine Ford Fluid VC-7-B Gold Concentrated Antifreeze/Coolant

For ATVs, recreational vehicles, and related automobiles, the Authentic Ford VC-7-B Gold Concentrated coolant is the best antifreeze. It’s also made for bikes that are off-road, street sport, cruiser type, and touring. This fluid is based on ethylene glycol, and its color is yellow/gold.

It’s built to provide year-round antifreeze and anti-boiling safety in all seasons. It is appropriate to dilute the genuine Ford VC-7-B 50/50 with water. The use of purified water for the best dissolution is strongly recommended. The solvent from the coolant is heavily concentrated.

After dissolving, as advised, it should not be used. The diluted coolant provides as low as 34 ° F (-37 ° C) freeze safety and as high as 265 ° F (129 ° C) boiling protection. The corrosion-protection it provides is remarkable. The yellow coolant has small silicates that improve the resistance of compatible automobiles to corrosion.

  • Long lasting
  • Bittering agent included
  • Appropriate for both diesel and gasoline engines
  • Works in all seasons
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Mostly Suitable for Ford vehicles

Honda 08C50-C321S02 Coolant Ready to Use

This authentic OEM antifreeze is available in a 50/500 mixture that is ready to use and already diluted. The solution is blue, but the initial green coolant is uniquely consistent with it. You can do it without flushing the engine if you’ve been using green antifreeze and want to turn to this recipe.

It is remarkably cheap for the true OEM recipe. In one or two-quart cans, it comes ready to use. There is a non-abrasive corrosion agent in the solution. This ensures that the formula will shield the engine of your vehicle from corrosive influences. At -34 ° F (-37 ° C) it has a freezing point and at 265 ° F (129 ° C) it has a boiling point. This is analogous to what you would see in cars.

  • Highly economical
  • Anti-rust additives
  • Non-abrasive additives
  • Engine flush for maintenance is not needed
  • Available in Small cans

Benefits of Antifreeze for Diesel Engines

Following are the benefits of using an antifreeze for diesel engines:

Protection of Temperature

Antifreeze liquids are stronger than other coolants at heat dissipation. During excessive hot conditions and freezing during the winter, they prevent cooling mechanisms from overheating.

Prevent the Malfunction of Engines

The oil in the system continues to dry out as an engine overheats. In time, in the combustion phase, the unlubricated metals may start touching each other. This domino effect results in a failure of the engine that might have been prevented otherwise.

Extend the Life of Components of Engines

Electrolysis that contributes to the erosion of metal parts is avoided by antifreeze fluids. It also extends the lifetime of the cooling system’s plastic and rubber components, which often melt as the system overheats. This will save you some expensive maintenance as well.

Prevent Corrosion and Rust

Over time, rust and scale particles begin to build up over the cooling system of a car. That can cause a malfunction of the device. Although the rust and deposits are flushed away by normal coolants, antifreeze coolants have additives that discourage rust and corrosion from happening first.

Better Than Water

To overcome the shortcomings of water as a coolant, antifreeze coolants were made. Water has low boiling and freezing points and is, thus, in areas of harsh weather temperatures, not an acceptable coolant. In the other hand, most antifreeze liquids remain neutral through changes in temperature to prevent critical engine components from freezing or overheating.

Features to be Considered while Choosing Appropriate Antifreeze and Coolants

The important things to consider while choosing a suitable coolant are as follows:

Freezing and Boiling Points

The two points show at which temperatures the coolant will potentially be used. The higher the boiling point, the more flexible the coolant is, and the lower the freezing point.

Compatibility of Coolants

The coolant must be compliant with the engine of the car in the first place. The color of the old coolant in the engine should match the new coolant that you purchase.

Features of Anti-Corrosion

Corrosion that may occur on brass or aluminum engine sections is one of the main caveats when using coolant. Therefore, to combat this issue, the coolant you purchase must clearly have anti-corrosion features.


Technically, as it does not do harm to the metal coils inside, any form of coolant will operate inside an engine. But you can see a never-ending list of features that includes colors, additives, brand names, and boil-over points if you search through all the available coolant items on the market. Therefore, choosing the best antifreeze for diesel engines may be a tough choice but this article might prove to be helpful for you!