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How to protect car paint from fading (5 best Tips)

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Looking for ways to protect the fresh paint of your car from fading away? Want to learn of How to protect car paint from fading.

Here are some important things you need to understand.

It is a common understanding that a flawless paint finish makes a car look amazing and shining. Unfortunately, the shiny look doesn’t last long as the paint fades over time. There may be various reasons for this such as direct exposure of the car to the Sun, salt water, bird droppings, or pollution.

As a car owner, it should be very important to you to keep your vehicle well-maintained whether you plan to keep it for a long time or trade it in. Generally, the four sources that cause a car’s paint to fade away are described below:

Direct Sunlight (the UV Rays)

The exposure of a car to the rays of Sun directly can cause the fading of its paint. The car’s exterior might be covered by layers of various primers, paint, and the topcoat, still the ultra violet rays can cause its damage. This is a major cause of fading of the paint.

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The paint of a car also gets destroyed when various contaminants touch the surface. Smog, acid rain, and other forms of pollution along with various contaminants in the air cause the paint of a car to fade away.

Other sources of pollution such as diesel, and less refined fuels which contain large carbon molecules, and burning of coal cause scarring on the topmost layer of a car which causes the fading of paint.

Salt Water

Salt has a negative impact on the paint of a car as it causes rust on the undercarriage and the car’s body panels. Although, salt is not a base or an acid, it is very corrosive. The tiny crystals of salt gradually eat away the shiny coating of the paint surface.

Slowly, it converts into bare metal and creates rust. Salt can penetrate a protective exterior whether it is a clear coating, some sealant product, or automotive wax. Moreover, it opens ways for the UV light damage to take place in the automotive component.

Bird Droppings

Bird poop is highly acidic that has huge levels of uric acid which cause damage to the car paint if combined with the ultraviolet rays. The waste of birds eats away all the clear coat that causes the fading of a car’s paint.

Ways to Protect Car’s Paint from Fading Away

Once you learn the main sources of the faded paint, it becomes much easier to look for the possible ways to prevent the fading of paint. Some of the ways to prevent a car’s paint fade away are as follows:

Wash your Car regularly

Most of us are already familiar with the idea that the best way to protect the paint of a car if to wash it regularly. However, the most significant thing that very less people know is that they should strictly stay away from detergents during car wash.

The use of dish detergent causes a lot of damage to the car’s paint; therefore, a high-quality carwash chemical should be applied using a foam pad. If washing is not possible every day, the car should be cleaned with a smooth duster so that the unexpected sanding could be avoided.

Apply High-Quality Wax

One of the most effective ways to protect a car’s paint from fading away is waxing as it prevents the sun damage and pollution from adhering to the surface. It also creates a shiny effect on the car’s paint and protects the damage caused by road grime, bird droppings, and tree sap.

Wax can be applied once a week or even after a month as it lasts longer if used in liquid and spray versions. A high-quality wax will add a coating of protection to the surface of your car by filling up the tiny imperfections on the car’s exterior.

Protect your Car from the UV Rays

Protecting your car from direct sunlight is one of the most effective ways to avoid the fading of its paint. This can be done in several ways such as parking the car in a garage, avoid parking under shady trees, and using a car cover.

While being at home, try to park the car inside, and while parking outside, avoid parking under shady trees so that it remains protected from the bird feces. Purchase a car cover to prevent the damage to paint while parking the car.

Avoid Abrasive Cleaners

The products containing abrasive materials cause damage to the car’s paint; therefore, if you want to preserve the shiny and glossy shine of your car’s surface, avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Moreover, it is important to make sure that the sponges, brushes, and cloths being used for the cleaning are clean and free of dirt and stones as they can cause chipping, scratching and other damage to the car’s paint.

Apply Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating fills microscopic pores and peaks on materials like plastic, glass, and clear coats by using nanotechnology. After curing, it puts a durable and semi-permanent layer of protection on the car’s exterior.

It blocks the ultraviolet rays from piercing to the shiny and clear coat of the car. Furthermore, the ceramic coat is completely transparent which means that it amplifies the natural color brilliance of the paint.

Winding it up

Any car’s value and aesthetic appeal can be greatly preserved by carefully protecting a car’s paint job. By following the above mentioned ways to protect your car’s paint, you can provide your car with a lustrous and shiny exterior for a long time.