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Best Sandblaster for Cars

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If you are here you would have already researched for the Best Sandblaster for Cars and hopefully, there is not much information available, So without wasting any time we would jump on to the Best Sandblaster for Cars available:

#1 Buffalo Tools SB10G 10 Gallon Abrasive Blaster

This Sandblaster is different from all the listed Sandblaster this Sandblaster is by far the most I liked as the features it has. The main thing is that this is a pressure Fed sandblaster.

It is mainly helpful for the purpose of paint removal & rust. The gallon relatively is a decent amount of tank of 10 Gallon and also it comes with a shutoff valve. it also comes with wheels so you can easily move it around and weighs around 48.4 lbs.

The Optimal pressure it operates around is 65 to 25 Psi, 6 to 25 CFM. The Product dimension is around 33.5″ x 13.8″ x 16.5″.

The Body of the sandblaster is made of steel and as per my opinion, it is a good sandblaster for a D.I.Y project.


  • Quite a Large Tank
  • easily movable
  • performs well with multiple media


  • may need frequent refilling
  • Spray more media in less time

#2 Black Bull SFSB90

This Sandblaster easily tops our list because of the positive feedback we have seen about it on some of the online websites. If you see this sandblaster in Picture it may look bigger but it isn’t so you won’t have difficulty moving it in and out of your garage or even using it in your driveway. the manufacturer recommends not using more Coarser than 80 grit of sanding material.

It also comes with wheels so you can easily move it, It has a heavy-duty all steel construction. weighs 20 pounds with a capacity of 90 Pounds, well I think to believe this is the best with a huge capacity so you may be able to strip your whole car. the maximum operating pressure it can work on is 120 Psi but it is at its optimal at 80 PSI.

It also comes with:

  • 4 Ceramic Nozzles
  • 8 Foot Hose
  • Metal Blasting Gun
  • A protective hood


  • large capacity of 90 Pounds
  • Easy Assembling Process
  • Effective Metal Gun
  • can work on larger area easily (such as cars)


  • No Lid on top
  • Glass media may stuck on nozzle if a little bit damp
  • 80+ gallon compressor will work

#3 SpeedBlaster Gravity Feed Media Blaster 

You may be wondering why this Sandblaster is here so early so let’s clear your confusion if you want a Sandblaster you will look for durability, Quality & Efficiency and it has got all 3 of them. It is made from ABS plastic material which has been on this planet for decades and has proven its efficiency & stood the test of time.

The design is a one-piece construction so it’s easy to use and due to being small in size it’s easy to use in difficult to reach places with your normal sandblasters which a much larger in size. It’s a gravity-fed Sandblaster with a capacity of 26 Oz.

I think this is a good sandblaster if you want to use it for small car parts due to compact size & easy to use. Make sure before using that that the blasting material you are using is not damp otherwise the material will start sticking with the nozzle.

The material to be used should be less than 14 grit. This Sandblaster operating pressure is from 60PSI to 125PSI. The Optimal pressure it has is 100 PSI at 12 CFM.

If we count the views of customers some of them questioned its durability.


  • Small & Portable
  • Good for Small car parts
  • One-Piece Design
  • ABS Plastic Made


  • not suitable for a big project
  • may need to shake after some time
  • not perfect with every media

#4 Lematec Sandblaster Portable Media Blaster

This Sandblaster is made by Lematec industries and has kept in mind the need for a portable sandblaster for your home or work. This is a portable sandblaster with a lightweight body so you can carry it and move around in your shop easily.

This sandblaster is a gravity-fed sandblaster that has a reservoir on top of it to store the sandblasting media. The reservoir has a capacity of almost 18oz which is sufficient to work on your smaller car parts.

This Gun can work with almost every type of blasting material, such as aluminum oxide, walnut shells, glass and many other materials. it also comes with a stainless steel filter cap so you can filter out any clogged sandblasting media.

if you want to remove paint for your car body panel I would recommend using Aluminium oxide but for fiberglass, parts try to use Plastic blasting material. This Sandblaster comes with a control valve so you can also control the amount of media flowing through the nozzle.


This sandblaster operating pressure is from 60PSI to 125PSI but the range that is is optimal is between 90 to 100 PSI at 12CFM(cubic feet per minute
). This Sandblaster needs only one hose of air which makes it pretty much portable so you don’t have to manage 2 pipes.

It’s recommended for small car parts or other small parts due to its limited blasting media capacity.


  • Best for Smaller Area
  • easy to use
  • Comes with a filter
  • Simpler Setup


  • Full Plastic (may Not Survive many fall off)
  • small size
  • may get clogged after continuous use

#5 Neiko 30068A Abrasive Air Sand Blaster

This Gravity Sand Blaster comes with a reasonable capacity reservoir with good quality, also comes with a Portability factor. This Sandblaster has been constructed with an ABS material which makes it lighter which in result increases its portability. These are some of the qualities we should look up for a good Sandblaster.

This Sandblaster has the ability to work on Multiple sandblasting media Glass, Aluminium Oxide Beads, Sand, Silicon Carbide& Baking Soda. This Sandblaster claims to remove Rust, Oil or paint without much difficulty.

As being a Gravity Fed Sandblaster the Reservoir is on top so you only need to connect one hose for the Air Compressor. The Operating Pressure is around 90PSI at 7CFM.

From my personal point of view, this Sandblaster will be good for small projects. before buying this Specific Item kindly see the product as it shows what materials to use in what quantity it will be very helpful as you won’t be doing it wrong.

The reason this product is down here is that it has been seen to be media sensitive from the above mentioned products this seems to be the most sensitive to media. So make sure before you buy you know what kind of media you want to use.

Below are the reason for it being at this spot


  • Light Weight Material
  • Great for small Projects


  • Frequent refillings
  • may not support every blasting media
  • usually clogs when media is Damp

#6 Performance Tool M549

Now while seeing it you might be thinking that this is a big sandblaster it will be super cool for your car, oh goodness this thing is just great. Yeah, wait first read this carefully as it may change your view as there is a reason that it is at this spot on our blog.

First of all, we would start with its basic features and specs. This Sandblaster is a heavy-duty sandblaster It comes with Blasting Gun. 50 LBs Capacity Hopper & a 15 FT Hose. This Sandblaster is a gravity-fed Sandblaster. The Hopper itself is constructed from industrial grade material

The Blasting seems to be lightweight and is made of aluminum. Aluminum is very well known to be rust resistant. The operating pressure for this sandblaster 90PSI the minimum air requirement is around 50 Psi @ 3.5CFM. The weight without the Blasting media is around 5.3Lbs which is a reasonable weight.

Now we are going to tell you that what is the reason that it is at this spot.


  • good for big Projects
  • all Plastic Body


  • May need more gravity
  • may Clog the nozzle sooner
  • No wheels to move around
  • Not Recommended for Commercial Purposes

#7 S&H Industries Blaster 40017 Blaster Kit

S&H Sandblaster is a good blaster when trying to choose a sandblaster for Big projects. This Sandblaster comes with a large capacity hopper, 3 Sizes of steel nozzles & 3 different sizes of air jets & decent quality Hose. they also give you a protective hood with it so it’s not all open.

the hopper is made of good quality steel and is portable but it could have been much portable if it had wheels with them too but for now you would have to pick it from one place to another.

This hopper is also in a raised position to help it with gravity and make the blasting media go with the flow, as this Sandblaster is gravity based so you won’t have to connect dual hoses with the hopper.

Then the Gun is also made from Stainless steel material, This type of material is very helpful in resisting rust and also durable which makes it a good choice if you are working in harsh weather conditions.

But there is one problem with the gun the Hose connection for the air is on top which may irritate you a little while working. The gun is small in size so hope so it won’t create much problem for you and it would be easier to access small spaces in your car.

The Optimal pressure this sandblaster will work on is around 100Psi @ 10CFM which I believe is compatible with most of Compressor.


  • Good for Big projects
  • Support Multiple Media
  • lightweight ( 7Lbs / 3.1KG )


  • may need shaking after a while
  • difficult to understand user guide
  • a little bit pricier as compared to the quality

#8 Dragway Tools Model 25 Sandblasting Cabinet

This Sandblaster is different from all the sandblaster above, this is a cabinet sandblaster by the name you judge that this has cabinet built-in where your sandblast your small car parts so you don’t have to create a mess around your garage for such small parts.

The Dimensions of this product are 23.5″ x 37″ x 55″ and weight around 91Lbs/ 41KG, which is quite a heavy Piece. This sandblaster body is made from all metal and comes only in 1 Color.

This Sandblaster comes with a gun with 4,5,6,7 mm Ceramic nozzles. Then Furthur this Cabinet has 5 Protective glass covers for the top so you if you damage it any way you have a more spare one. and an LED light so you would not have to rely on external light.

it also comes with 24 inch thick gloves permanently attached to the cabinet but there is no dust collector with it so you may have to buy one separately and the manufacturer recommends using their own dust collector.

This Sandblaster requires the air compressor to be between 4-80 Psi @ 12 CFM. Overall this sandblaster seems to be good for small projects but let see its Pros & Cons.


  • Good for small items


  • Build quality issues
  • Difficult user Manual
  • difficult assembly
  • Not much good Reviews

Sandblasters Buyer’s Guide

For several different styles of projects in the garage, sandblasters may be used. They are particularly known for being a perfect tool for scraping any sort of car you are working on from rust and old paint.

Among others, they are often referred to as media blasting, a weapon that can be widely found in garages. No matter what kind of material you’re dealing with, they’re the easiest way to strip paint without causing damage.

How do Sandblasters work?

Sandblasting may seem like a fancy term, but it’s actually a superhero in the world of car restoration. It’s a fantastic method that can breathe new life into old vehicles.

Let’s explore how sandblasters work and why they’re a perfect match for car restorations in a simple and human-friendly way.

Imagine you stumble upon a classic car that has seen better days. It’s covered in layers of paint, rust, and grime, hiding its true beauty.

Enter the sandblaster, armed with its mighty cleaning powers.

A sandblaster consists of three main parts: an air compressor, a tank filled with tiny abrasive particles (often sand), and a nozzle.

Here’s the magic behind it all:

First, the air compressor kicks into action, generating a powerful gust of air. This air gets mixed with the tiny particles in the tank, just like stirring sugar into a cup of tea.

The nozzle, like the tip of a magic wand, releases the mixture of air and tiny particles. When aimed at the car’s surface and the trigger pulled, it’s like a burst of cleaning energy is unleashed.

The tiny particles zoom out at incredible speeds, acting like tiny scrub brushes. They blast away the layers of old paint, rust, and grime, revealing the car’s original surface underneath. It’s like a spa treatment for the car, exfoliating away years of wear and tear.

What’s remarkable is that sandblasting can reach even the tiniest nooks and crannies, giving a thorough cleaning that traditional methods can’t achieve. It’s like uncovering hidden treasures in the car’s body.

Car restorations benefit greatly from sandblasting. It saves time and effort compared to manual scraping or chemical stripping.

It also ensures a clean surface for painting and repairs, improving the overall finish and longevity of the restoration work.

Sandblasting removes all the stubborn enemies that hinder a car’s beauty. It revitalizes the metal, making it smooth and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

It’s like hitting the reset button, taking the car back in time to its original glory.

So, sandblasting works by using a powerful combination of air and tiny particles to clean and restore cars. It’s a superhero in the world of car restorations, erasing years of damage and unveiling the true essence of classic or even newer automobiles.

Various Types of sandblasters

Gravity-Fed Sandblaster

Sand is stored in a hopper jar that is connected to the top of the pistol, and hooked up to an air compressor.

For this, merely pulling the lever would blast sand from the jar at a high speed and force rate.

Gravity is used for this to work efficiently, as you can see from the term.

Pressure Sandblaster

This needs that a canister be hooked up to a sandblasting gun. If the trigger is pulled, sand is blasted out of the pipe.

They are considered to be the most expensive option, but still the simplest and most effective.

This could be the right option to get the job done, based on what you’re dealing with.

Siphon Sandblaster

The jar containing the sand is below the nozzle instead of above it, equivalent to gravity-fed, however.

In a suction technique, the sand travels to the nozzle, making it somewhat different from the previous style.


Mini Sandblaster- Ideal for cars, ideal for operating in confined spaces. They’re known for scraping rust or old paint from vehicles effectively.

Large Sandblaster- Usually, they need to be installed, used to scrape paint from a car’s frame, and even other projects for painting.

Industrial Sandblaster- Typically installed on a large truck and used to strip paint and rust from large buildings for construction workers.

They are costlier, because they are larger, which could require more persons to work on them.

Is Sandblasting a Car Safe?

The way you look at the pros of sandblasting and the cons will depend on the answer to this question. When sandblasting, you should consider the media that you should use.

That will help you to determine if your car will be safe for the operation.

In addition, sandblasting means that all the paint and rust is stripped from your car’s floor. It thus gives a clean surface to begin painting.

It guarantees surface profiling in plain terms. But sandblasting may cause the automobile surface to wear, provided the abrasive nature of the operation.

If not done with a lot of consideration, it will occur. The replacement of broken car parts will lead you to incur more costs.

The safety of your car will depend, above all, on the media used to blow your car up. So, it is necessary to carefully select the media to use.

Take a glance at each newspaper, assess the pros and cons, and see which one outweighs the other, then make the option.

All above goes through the method of sandblasting.

In a Nutshell,

By now, you know it’s important to choose automotive sandblasting newspapers. The sandblasting method is equally important in the same way.

You should select the correct medium with the right knowledge about the sandblasting process. Because of the work completed, you do not want to lament that the expectations have not been met.

If you are not aware of what to do, take advantage of the services of a trained technician. The bottom line is, ensuring that you give the most of your vehicle and do so the right way is important.

Can sandblasting remove rust?

Yes, Sandblasting will remove anything that sits on the surface of metals whether it be rust, paint, or another thing on the surface.

Can sandblasting remove chrome?

Sandblasting will easily remove the chrome as chrome is another layer sitting on top of metal so it will easily remove it.

Can sandblasting warp metal?

Yes, sandblasting will warp metal a little if you are using it with extra pressure or if the metal sheet is a little bit weak it can warp a little. Try to use them with the recommended pressure.

Is sandblasting expensive?

The average cost is between 40$ to $70 per hour. The sand also cost between 30$ to 50$. So yes it can be expensive.

Will sandblasting remove powder coating?

Yes Sandblasting can remove powder coating as powder coating is a layer on top of the metal.