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Best jack for lifted truck

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If you own a lifted truck you know that a normal jack is not sufficient to lift a truck, we need a jack for lifted trucks to lift truck. So lets get straight to the topic and discuss the best jack for lifted truck

#1 Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000lb Triple Lift

This highly robust triple lift jack from Powerbuilt is easy to use. It features a proprietary specification that requires padded lift rails to ensure that the vehicle and a removable lift saddle will not be harmed.

This best jack for the lifted trucks can be used with all vehicle frames, including SUVs and elevated trucks, owing to its compact construction.

It is suitable for installing or removing transmissions or other parts for the fast raising of trucks, ATVs, and cars and is very safe to use due to the locking safety bar that keeps the jack securely in place until it is being lifted. This handy feature also implies that any separate jack stands are not required.

The overall lifting power of this jack is 4000 lbs. and it reaches ANSI requirements. It removes the need to purchase multiple jacks for your different vehicles with its 2- ton size and triple lift capacity.

  • Locking safety bar
  • Padded lift rails
  • Triple lift capacity
  • A bit heavier than other models
  • Rubber pads are not suitable for hot weather conditions

#2 Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack

The Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack will undoubtedly be included on every list of the best jack for a lifted truck. This tool can quickly move other machinery in the workshop and is suitable for heavy-duty trucks, equipment, and other vehicles.

These hi-lift jacks, which farmers initially used to lift tractors, pull fence posts, and carry their trailer in place of a trailer jack, have an extreme height advantage with a 48-inch lift height.

They’ve proven to be helpful in the off-roading culture while attempting to get a vehicle unstuck.

To avoid failure and corrosion, all of the components used to assemble this jack are zinc-plated. Shear bolts are used on this high-lift jack for added protection.

They help protect the machine from being overloaded. Hi-Lift, the tool’s manufacturer, issues safety manuals for use to ensure consistent performance and safe operation.

The Hi-Lift HL484 Black Cast and Steel Jack has all of these features and more, making it one of the finest American-made floor jack tools for lifted trucks.

  • Lifting Capacity of 48 inches
  • Also functions as a winch when connected with chains
  • Unable to lift a car from underneath

#3 Blackhawk B6350 Fast Lift – 3.5 Ton

The Blackhawk service jack is constructed of heavy-duty materials and can easily lift elevated trucks and SUVs. It has a long lifetime and is highly durable for everyday workshop use thanks to its solid steel structure.

The gross weight capacity of this jack is 3.5 tons.

It has a bypass system to prevent unintended over-pumping, as well as other safety measures for the user’s safety. There’s also an in-built safety mechanism to avoid unintended overloading, as well as a swivel saddle for more precise undercarriage positioning.

This jack has a lifting capacity of 5.5′′ to 22′′, which is more than enough for lifting a wide range of vehicles and provide enough height to operate on the undercarriage and adjust tires with ease.

This jack also has improved rigidity and resilience to minimize bending, and its quick lifting technology decreases consumer exhaustion and ensures work is done in less time, thanks to the rolled side frames.

For further peace of mind, it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that also makes it one of the best jacks for a lifted truck.

  • 3.5 tons weight capacity
  • Various safety features to ensure better user protection
  • Up to 22 inches lifting height
  • When compared to other ones, it lifts slowly
  • For packaging, the handle does not fold up

#4 Sunex 6602LP 2-Ton Floor Jack

This is the only floor jack for lifted trucks that has over 20 inches of lift. It goes from being a low-profile jack to lifting trucks with limited raise without the need for an expansion.

The low-profile feature of this jack is the biggest reason people want it. It can fit into spaces as small as 2.75 inches wide, making it suitable for running on low-profile street racers and other kits. It’s much better to get it under a vehicle that has a flat tire.

This best jack for lifted truck, on the other hand, has a hidden potential to achieve a maximum lifting height of 24 inches. Although it is insufficient for a truck with an offensive aftermarket lift system.

It can lift most SUVs and trucks equipped with factory lift kits. The quick lift feature is another great feature of this jack. The swift pump accelerates the jack until it makes contact with the vehicle.

The jack then runs at half speed (still quicker than any other jacks) to complete the rise. The powerful lift arms allow for a fast and stable vehicle lift.

The Sunex 6602LP could be one of the best floor jacks with an infinite lift radius when it comes to flexibility and durability. With just a 2-ton volume, however, there can be times when you need more power.

  • To slip beneath a car as short as 2.75 inches
  • The pump action is fast, which saves time
  • Maximum lift of 24 inches
  • It has a capacity of only 2 tons

#5 COOKE Pro Eagle High Lift Floor Jack for Lifted Trucks

This floor jack will lift 26 inches with the attached 8-inch expansion, far exceeding the capability of other floor jacks. This is one of the only floor jacks with a rise of more than 24 inches.

The Cooke Pro Eagle also has a few other features that make it the best jack for lifted truck. For starters, it’s a “off-road” vehicle.

It’s perfect for walking around on the gravel driveway or across the sandy field thanks to the larger, rubberized wheels. There is an extra plate on the bottom of this jack to help hold dirt and sand out of the machine so that it can spin.

For those of us who occasionally do repairs in the real world, the smooth-rolling feature makes this carjack a real winner. This one is best fit for SUV and truck maintenance since the front wheels are only 6 inches wide.

This unit floor jack can handle any situation, whether you need to quickly jack up your Jeep or dune buggy, or just need a reliable way to jack up your elevated vehicle. \

This one, with a 3-ton size, would be able to accommodate any repairs that your small shop needs.

  • Capacity is 3 tons
  • 24 inches of lift
  • 6 inches easy rolling tires
  • Not suitable for being adjusted underneath very low vehicles

#6 Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands

A double-locking height mechanism is included with this Torin Big Red 6-ton jack stand kit. The safety factor is 200 percent for a pin and ratchet-type jack stand that satisfies ASME safety specifications.

This collection of Big Red Steel Jack Stands comes with broad foot bases and is available in 2 and 3-ton capacities.

The boom can be extended from 15-3/8 to 23-13/16 inches due to its adjustable height. The forged-iron ratchet bar can be used to hold a desired location until you’ve reached it.

It’s a solid metal piece that locks into different locations and ensures accurate changes. 6-ton (12,000-pound) jack stands are often used to back heavy-duty cars and trucks, because of their space-saving designs.

This pair of jack stands is simple to store and is the best jack for lifted truck.

  • A double-locking system
  • locking rack and pawl makes operating under your elevated truck more secure
  • Given its 6-ton (12,000-pound) size, the saddle bar should have wider teeth.

#7 Torin T83006 SUV Jack – 3 Ton

The Torin T83006 SUB service jack is a versatile all-purpose model that is easy to shift and raise, compact enough to fit in the back of an SUV or passenger vehicle, and still powerful enough to satisfy the needs of any home mechanic.

This floor jack, which weighs just 49 pounds and has a flattened height of 6 inches, is suitable for fast tire changes and fits well under high-profile vehicles such as elevated trucks.

It is suitable for these larger vehicles due to its optimum height of 21′′, ensuring comfortable undercarriage access with its special extension neck configuration, which transforms this jack into two tools in one.

This is a sturdy and powerful jack that will last a lifetime, despite its incredible lift power of 6000 lbs., thanks to its solid steel construction that makes is the best jack for lifted truck.

Its wide saddle surface area guarantees maximum load interaction, while the positive locking protection release handle improves user protection while in operation. This tool also has an overload safety valve built in to help against unintended overloads.

  • Overload control valve built-in, as well as a positive locking safety release handle
  • The height of the lift can be adjusted up to 21 inches
  • For maneuverability, there is no handle
  • Pumping to full height takes a long time

#8 Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

This 56-pound floor jack is made of aluminum and is heavily coated in platinum. Because of its excellent construction, incredible longevity, and improved strength, this model may be the best jack for lifted truck.

This is a low-profile jack with a 3 ton lifting capability, which means it can lift large vehicles. It can lift up to 19.4 inches and has a 3.6-inch lifting radius.

The dual pump pistons, which ensure fast lifting, make it stand out among other classics. Furthermore, it is lightweight for portability and has outstanding handles for fast movement in the garage.

The handle is foam-covered, protecting your car from scratching. Through its bypass and overload valves, there can be no hydraulic jams or overextension.

It has excellent maneuverability thanks to its wide-track front wheels and rear caster wheels, which allow for fast rolling and stabilization. The item’s dimensions are 30 x 13.5 x 8 inches.

  • Can lift a load of up to 3 tons
  • Side handles for easy movement
  • Dust shields for prevention of contamination
  • Wide track wheels at the front for stability and smooth rolling
  • The carry handle is not focused

Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a floor jack can aid in the maintenance and repair of your vehicle, especially when testing a truck’s transmission and changing tires. However, there are some essential considerations to make before purchasing the best jack for lifted truck.

Lifting Speed

If you’ve ever used a hydraulic jack, you know how difficult it can be to raise the saddle with many motions. Since it rises slowly, the jacking motion can make the job more difficult.

It’s preferable to purchase jack stands with quick-adjust mechanisms. The styles of ratchet bars have superior lifting power for saddle bars, allowing them to easily achieve desired heights.


A floor jack is not a light piece of equipment, since others can weigh as little as 50 pounds and some as much as 100 pounds.

As a result, before purchasing a floor jack, make sure it is a product that you would feel happy driving about with.

Choose a jack that won’t wear you out while you’re carrying it around to your pickup.

Car Height

While most floor jacks can be used under most vehicle models, some vehicles need special equipment that is lower than normal. You might require a low profile jack if you intend on servicing or running your floor jack on cars of various height sizes other than elevated trucks.

This will allow you to dig deeper under a vehicle. While the majority of these jacks are designed for racing vehicles, they can also be used on trucks. If you’re just going to use this platform for cars, though, this isn’t a factor to remember.


The load capacity of jacks for elevated trucks varies, as do other functions. You can use this purchasing guide to find the best kind of jack stand for your needs.

They are made of high-quality materials that can last a long time. Furthermore, these jacks have undergone extensive testing to ensure that their functionality is right.

We anticipate that you will find these tools to be secure and satisfying.