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What is the best catalytic converter cleaner

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A catalytic converter is an essential part of most cars today, there are several reasons due to which catalytic convertors go bad. Now after that there are only 2 options left one is to get it replaced which is quite expensive & other is to get it cleaned without opening the whole exhaust system.

Today we are going to discuss the best catalytic converters available. Before that a little knowledge about catalytic convertors.

A catalytic converter is a component that is part of the exhaust of your car. After the air and fuel combination is fired in the chamber, the internal combustion engine creates a lot of poisonous emissions and gases. It would be detrimental to individuals and the ecosystem if these toxic elements were to find their way outside. Therefore, inside an engine, a catalytic converter is used and its role is to turn certain poisonous gases into less dangerous ones.

Catalytic converters operate along with the car on an ongoing basis. The need for daily cleaning is because, after a while, they begin to build up grime and dirt. If you struggle on a regular basis to clean your catalytic converter, so it will inevitably have trouble doing its job.

That’s why catalytic converter cleaners are used by people. You will read what you need to know in our guide to find the best catalytic converter cleaner for your needs.

#1 DURA LUBE Severe Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment

DURA LUBE Extreme Catalytic and Exhaust Therapy is meant for the treatment of your oil poison catalyst converter. The manufacturer claims it helps to clean the device, which ensures it can reduce buildups and contamination that allow the catalyst to lose power, which will cost you energy and money, as well as dirty the air that comes out of the back.

It also helps lower the retention of phosphorous and zinc at the catalyst inlet, both of which can cause premature poisoning and catalytic converter failure. This should help clear up the P0420 OBD error message, which is the one that informs you that your catalytic converter is not working and cleaning as it should.

One bottle lasts up to 5,000 miles (or three months), stacking up to about 15.9 gallons of gasoline to the fuel tank for one bottle. The commodity is also safe for engines that use flex-fuels containing diesel and ethanol that is why it is considered as the best catalytic converter cleaner.

  • Helps in the cleaning of engine codes
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides protection to CAT
  • Reduces emissions
  • Not fit for every car

#2 Cataclean 120007 Complete System Cleaner

The Cataclean 120007 is an excellent option if you are looking for the best catalytic converter cleaner. It is a highly effective cleaner for your entire car system, although its price is slightly at the higher end.

Cataclean reduces your car’s carbon footprint by up to 50 percent, which is a substantial impact. This is done by eliminating deposits on catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, cylinder heads, and even fuel injectors. It is therefore one solution to all your engine-related problems, and thus one of the best catalytic converter cleaners.

You can enjoy improved engine performance, fuel efficiency, and reduced harmful emissions with Cataclean by your side. Another excellent thing about Cataclean is that in over 50 states it is legal. In addition, it complies with VOC and OTC regulations and fulfils the requirements of the Federal low Sulphur content.

  • Safe for diesel, petrol, and hybrid motors
  • Reduces almost 50% of emissions
  • improves the overall vehicle engine performance
  • Not suitable for 2-stroke, diesel, or gas combination

#3 Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner

This fuel additive will assist in “scrubbing” the inside of your catalytic converter, avoiding the deposits that keep it from functioning properly. Used as instructed, it can also help to clean the oxygen sensors, ensuring that they read correctly and extending the time between required tune-ups.

On older engines, you should pump this best catalytic converter cleaner straight into the carburetor of a working engine and make it operate much better than it can dilute in a fuel tank.

You’ll get the results you expect from the Solder-IT Cat-1 Catalytic Converter Cleaner. Only apply the remedy to your tank of petrol and you’re all right to go.

CAT-1 will take a little longer for your machine to work around it, but you will find a lot improved result coming from your car until it does. It is also a cheaper means of avoiding costs on repairs.

  • Helps clean oxygen sensors
  • Stops the rotten smell
  • Works with all types of the catalytic convertor
  • Suitable for gasoline engines only

#4 Hi-Gear EZ Emissions Pass & Catalytic Converter Cleaner

This Hi-Gear device is designed to do just as it says on the can, which solves the lack of horsepower, increases performance and decreases noxious gas emissions. Fuel systems, injectors, combustion chambers, pistons, and valves are washed out. It also stops the infamous rotten egg smell from being emitted by cars.

This best catalytic converter cleaner tackles difficult starts, lost acceleration, and rough idling effectively. However, this isn’t a product packed with bells and whistles. For starters, it has no potential to function with anything but gas engines-no cross compatibility here.

What it does have is the cleaning ability that Hi-Gear has made in accordance with a number of vehicle manufacturing companies from a carefully formulated recipe. This isn’t functionally an OEM product, but without actually being one, it is about as close to that one as you can get.

There are no options for multipacks here either. You buy a can, you pour it into your tank, and you let it do its job. In the end, this product is very easy and very straightforward. But it is thought to be especially efficient as well. That, at least to us, seems to be a great deal.

  • High-Grade OEM level Formula
  • Helps in cleaning all parts of the exhaust system
  • No multi-packs
  • Only works on gasoline engines

#5 CRC Guaranteed to Pass Emission System Cleaner

A detergent additive that cleans the entire fuel system to decrease toxic emissions completes our list. The cleaner dissolves the carbon and varnish deposits from the fuel system, thereby reducing emissions of carbon, hydrocarbons and nitrogen. In gas-powered vehicles, it also cleans the emission control parts. This translates to a more efficient and cleaner catalytic converter.

This cleaner is the best catalytic converter cleaner as it can enhance acceleration when used every 3,000 miles by optimizing the throttle response and improving fuel economy gradually. It’s compatible with fuels blended with gas and ethanol, and it will help you pass your emissions test.

The findings for older cars with a weaker catalytic converter, though, could be quite mixed. There’s no guarantee that whether you have an old or high-mileage car, it will help you pass a pollution inspection. Try purchasing a more efficient cleaner for these vehicles or vans.

  • Reduces pollution to a large degree by eliminating build-ups.
  • increases overall performance, including MPG, acceleration, airflow, etc.
  • Runs up to 3000 miles reliably
  • Bottle is small
  • Compatible with gasoline and ethanol-mix fuels only

Benefits of using a Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Some benefits of using a catalytic converter cleaner are:

Reduction of bad smells

Over time, some vehicles produce an icky smell caused by the build-up in the catalytic converter. A catalytic converter cleaner can assist if your vehicle has the signature rotten egg smell.

Improved Engine Performance

Regularly using a catalytic converter cleaner can help to disinfect both the fuel injection system and the cylinders, enhancing total efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.

•Lower emission levels

To keep the amount of toxic gases released from the car’s engine to a minimum, modern catalytic converters do pretty well. The addition of a catalytic converter cleaner to the mix cuts the pollution rate of the engine even more.

•Engine Protection

There’s another major bonus to cleaning your catalytic converter regularly: it will help protect your engine from injury. Proper fuel and exhaust flow will make the engine running faster, safer and healthier, which will lower maintenance costs as well.

Things to look for while buying the best Catalytic Converter Cleaner

•Cleaning Range

You are looking for your catalytic converter to be cleaned with a cleaner. Most options out there, though, deliver an all-round clean up. They clean the whole exhaust system, including carburetors, pumps, passageways, oxygen sensors, and more.

Both the fuel system elements are interconnected. And if one element does not work well, it will destroy the whole operation. Choosing a cleaning solution that will cover the whole exhaust system will guarantee that the engine of your car runs perfectly.

As carbon reserves are located in the system, this would reduce pollution to a large degree. In addition, the vehicle’s mileage, fuel efficiency, and overall performance will increase as well.


The price is another critical consideration that you must remember when purchasing a catalytic converter cleaner. Yes, most of the options, within the range of $5-$15, are very fairly priced. However, as the primary aim in choosing a cleaner is because of the quality, you must always be careful about it.

Therefore, the optimum option is to use a catalytic converter cleaner. Compare the rates and characteristics when ordering, though. In addition, you will need to use it frequently to keep the engines of your car in good shape.

•Bottle Capacity

Catalytic converter bottles of varying sizes and capacities can be found. Although it can differ according to the brand and form of cleaner, a whole bottle is needed for most fuel tanks. One thing you must remember here is that the contents will not be productive for long until you crack the seal.

For a typical tank of 16 gallons, the wisest choice will then be to have a bottle of about 10-20 ounces. Additionally, in this line, you can see several multipack options. Since you can need a catalytic converter cleaner to periodically maintain your car, it is strongly recommended to get a multipack.


Well-performing catalytic converters are not only important, but also necessary to reduce the vehicle’s emissions. However, because of the carbon deposit, they might also end up performing poorly.

You can help solve this problem every single day by using an appropriate catalytic converter cleaner. In reducing emissions, they are rational, efficient, and also boost your overall vehicle efficiency. So, pick your vehicle engine’s best catalytic converter cleaner to ensure its outstanding performance!