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How to protect car from sun and rain?

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I can understand that you Love your car and you would love to do anything to save your car and if you are on this then this surely you want to know of How to save your car from sun and rain. you will surely find the answer here. You may have come to know that UV rays damage the human skin but it has also been found that these UV rays also damage your car paint. You may have seen some not so old cars paint getting oxidized or fades before their expected time most of the time the reason is parking car under direct sunlight.

Another thing that can cause harm to your car is Rain. Rainwater is not one of those things you want your Vehicle to be exposed to, but the thing is you do not have any control over weather Conditions neither you could stop traveling. you may also think will rain affect new car paint? and the answer is YES it will. You may not find the damage rain can cause in the short term but in the long term, you will see the effect such corrosion or rust.

I would like to inform you that if you live nearby any industrial area the chances are that you might experience acid rain on cars. Acidic rain can cause more damage to your car paint then it may cause of regular as regular rain contains PH level of 5 Acidic Rain is more worse than this. You can see the PH scale Below.

PH Scale

now in the next info-graphic we will show what kind of damage sun and rain cause.

Damage Sun & and rain causes to a car
Damage Sun & Rain can cause to a Car

Now we will discuss one by one of How to protect car from sun and rain.

How to protect your car from sun:

How to protect car from sun

• Park in the Shade :

The best way to Save your car is to park your car under a shade best it it’s under a tree but make sure the tree is perfectly fit on the ground as you may not want to damage your precious car.

This thing will not only help your car paint last longer but also save your car dashboard from getting fade & cracked.

• Using a Windshield protection Cover :

If you are not able to find any shade to park your car then another option is to go for a windshield protection cover, this cover will help in preventing any damage that may cause to your car dashboard and to keep your car a little cool you can open your car window for about 1 to 2 cm down.

• Wash Your car often :

This is image of a car being washed

The benefit of washing your car often is that it helps reducing heat and oxidization from the car but you need to make sure that while washing your car is not parked under direct sunlight try to find a shady place better under a tree or in a garage or from a good car wash.

The main purpose of washing your car is to ensure that there is no dirt or grime left on the car a the dirt sitting for the long period of time would make them difficult to remove and also when removing would take extra effort that in that case may cause swirl marks on your paint.

You can use snow foam lance or hose pipe water and give your vehicle a wash without scrubbing anything and when all the mud gets soaked then try to remove all the dirt.

If there is bird poop try not to use water as water may not be beneficial instead try to use an automotive cleaner. If your car is standing for a week Outside then you should at least wash your car twice and if not possible then once a week will be enough to lessen the impact of sun rays on the car.

• Hand Drying car exterior :

Exposing your car to the weather elements will make your car paint worn out faster than it should that is why you should make some effort to save it.

After washing your car try to dry your car exterior as the water would evaporate and leave marks on your car when the sun rays touch your car paint. As the rainwater may contain some chemicals that would effect your car paint.

Try to use a cotton Rag or a dry microfiber cloth to dry, yes I can understand it’s time taking task but it’s worth the effort. It not only gives a cleaner look to your car but also saves your car from chemical and water when exposed to sunrays.

How to protect your car from rain?

How to protect your car from rain

• Don’t let rainwater to sit for a long time:

when ever there is rain in your area. Do make it compulsory to not let the water sit on your car, as when the water sits there for a long time as it would evaporate and would leave marks on your car.

The best way to remove water from your car is to wash your car after it has rained, don’t ever think that rain would wash your car and if you think that it won’t affect your car as I have told above that rain some PH level and if it has higher PH level in your area it might affect more to your car more than the regular rain.

• Cover Your car:

The best way to save your car from rain is to cover your car. Just but a decent car cover this cover would help your car from rain and rain spots when water evaporates. It would also stop your vehicle from scratches and debris.

• Remove Door plugs

Most of the cars do have drain plugs in doors, these plugs come in handy after rain as if the rain passes through the door rubbers then you can use these plugs to remove water from them. If you won’t care about these things this would eventually cause rust to your vehicle and you don’t want the vehicle to rust.